Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Publishers, Have You Tried Polywrapping Magazines?

A fantastic method of protecting and enhancing a magazine is by the use of a process called polywrapping. The fact is that polywrapping magazines is a very popular finish in the publishing sector.

If you are wondering what the process is, it simply the name given to function in which a magazine is actually enveloped in polythene.

There are numerous benefits for example as well as providing robust protection from scuffing and also water damage polywrapping provides the magazine publishers with the opportunity to explore a number of pack formats. Each one of these can be used by the owner to make their titles stand out more than their competitors and as a result they will hopefully sell more copies.

The use of printed film is classic example of a way in which a magazines profile can be enhanced. Now days it is possible to print in full including what are known in print circles as 'special colours' on to the surface of the polythene. As a result it is not uncommon to see high resolution photographs and graphics that really catch the eye.

Another option open for publishers is for the inclusion of promotional gifts which can affixed inside the pack. These can either be nested inside the magazine or glued to the front cover. Typically these give-aways will be either a CD or DVD as they are nice and flat and therefore comply with the Royal Mails sized based pricing policies.

Although I have known of a company who insisted that even though the bulky first aid dressing they gave away with each addition of their health and safety magazine dramatically increased the postage costs, the massive increase in sales received as a result more than compensated for the difference.

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