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Adolescent Girls and the Magazine Effect

"Do not read beauty magazines. They will only make you feel ugly." That is just one of the many helpful suggestions drummed into Baz Luhrmann's Sunscreen Song (which is originally an essay written by Mary Schmich). That is also one of the pieces of advice found in the song that are certainly never followed.

Most teenage girls surely have read, or at the very least have flipped through, the pages of some popular fashion and beauty magazines that today: Seventeen, Vogue, Cosmo, etc. It has been claimed, however, that reading these kinds of magazines does make young readers somehow feel ugly.

Operation: Perfection

Looks. This is what these magazines seem to prioritize. Take even just a single glance at the cover of one of these magazines and anyone will notice that flooding it are headlines such as dress to impress, be a knockout and lose that extra weight. Most of the articles inside the pages also typically revolve around making oneself look good and more beautiful. But, what does being beautiful mean anyway? If we take out its definition according to what is shown on these magazines, being beautiful apparently means being equal to tall, fair and skinny girls with straight long locks of hair. But what about those who don't fall on this group?

The importance being placed on the appearance is not only seen on the contents of the articles of those magazines. More pages are apparently allotted to advertisements which usually also showcase the typical teen as someone with perfect and polished looks.

However, it isn't entirely the fault of these magazines. Teenagers will naturally be bombarded with self-esteem issues, whether they read beauty magazines or not. Though only by looking at the pages of these magazines, which constantly tell them at an early age that their bodies are not good enough and that they need continuous enhancement, their attitude towards their bodies are worsened to the point that they do not only have low self-esteem but hatred towards themselves.

Body Image Issues

Studies show that looking at thin, sexualized and digitally-enhanced images of women on magazines, more often than not, result to young girls' experiences of poor body image, depression, anxiety and eating disorders. A five-year study also found that reading beauty and fashion magazines is associated with wanting to lose weight and initiating diets. Reading dieting advice in magazines is associated with skipping meals, smoking, vomiting and using laxatives among teenage girls.

Their bodies seem to become the "personal project" of young girls. They are encouraged to see themselves as objects, to value themselves for their looks rather than as a whole person. What is even more sad is how some girls end up risking their health in aspiring to look like the unattainable images of models and celebrities on the magazines. What these girls don't know--or probably refuse to know--is that what they see on these magazines is not reality; the images of those Barbie-ish models and celebrities are apparently photoshopped. Moreover, they do not represent the ordinary teenage girl.

Be a Filter Master

Adolescent girls do not need to completely stop reading beauty and fashion magazines. After all, no matter how these magazines affect girls negatively, one could not also deny the fact that these are able to help in several ways, especially with the inspiring and empowering articles that these magazines offer as well.

What teenagers must learn to do instead is to identify, among the countless images and ideas that they are fed, which ones to nurture and which to not. Nobody would surely want more girls, due to major mishaps, piling up and waiting to be treated by nurses and physicians with various medical instruments and home healthcare products. This can be avoided, especially if teens keep in mind that beauty really is only skin deep anyway. Cliché, yes, but true.

Enjoy the Gossip & Glamor With OK Magazine

OK magazine is one of the leading entertainment magazines in UK which brings you close to the inside scoops related to your favorite stars. For many years now, it has been a leading name when it comes to sharing glamor and start gossips with the fans of the stars. The celebrities share their life with OK! and invite people to their homes, thus allowing you first-hand information about the events and happenings in their lives.

With this magazine, you get a peep into the day to day happenings and activities of the celebrities and famous people, right from their diet and dining, to shopping, beauty and health. And as the tag line of the magazine suggests in its own words- "the home of celebrity news", and this is exactly what it provides to its readers.

OK! is a British weekly issue, which is dedicated to gossip, glamor and news of the celebrity world, not just in the UK but also Hollywood and other places. In other words, it is your window to the dream world of your favorite stars.

The magazine was originally started as a monthly issue which was first published in April 1993. The magazine specializing in celebrity news went on to become popular with the readers in no time. And this resulted in starting the subscription of the magazine for readers overseas.

Thus, in September 2004, the magazine launched its monthly issue in Australia which later was changed to weekly magazine. Thus, in October 2006 it began coming out with its weekly edition even in Australia. In the year 2005, the magazine's US version was launched followed by its Indian edition in May 2006.

The magazine has grown on popularity every year and today boasts of over 30 million readers worldwide. It has gone on to become arguably the world's largest and most popular celebrity magazine with appearance in 19 countries worldwide. The magazine is subscribed in the leading countries of the world like Germany, Australia, Greece, Austria, UK, US, India, Malaysia, Turkey, Switzerland, Russia, Spain, Thailand, Mexico, Philippines, Middle-East, China, Bulgaria and Azerbaijan.

Being among the top selling magazines in the UK, it has a new issue released every Tuesday. OK! Now also has two inner issues which comes out weekly, called the 'OK! USA' and 'Hot Stars'. When it comes to covering celebrity weddings and other scoops, there is no beating OK!

Finding Magazines to Read Online

Earlier, if you wanted to subscribe to a magazine, the only way was to go and purchase one, fill out the subscription slip which was attached inside and post it along with your check. The magazine would then start arriving at your residence from the next month of circulation. Many times, the check would get misplaced and the entire procedure would have to be repeated.

But now, all you have to do is log on to the Internet, go to the site of your favorite magazine and start reading or downloading after giving your credit card number. The subscription charges are automatically deducted from your balance. No check to be posted and no waiting for the magazine to arrive by mail.

Many magazines are also available for free on the Internet. A quick search on Google will provide you with a number of sites where you can read or download magazines for free. An online magazine not only provides you more information on any topic you like, but also provides you new information on any subject you might want to learn about, and that too, in minutes. So, for example, if you would like to import a product and you want to know the product's availability in China or Germany, with just a few clicks you can have all the information at your fingertips. This can be really helpful in your business.

For your leisure, too, online magazines can be very helpful. For example, you can learn a lot about maintaining your health and also about various diseases and their cures over the Internet. However, it is best to use this information as a base and not depend on it completely. Thanks to the Internet, you can read all types of magazines available throughout the world, unlike traditional stores where you may find only local magazines.

Online books and magazines are getting popular by the day because you can download and read the magazines at your convenience. There are many practical advantages to reading magazines online. First of all, you save a lot of space, since you no longer need space to store your magazines. All the magazines can be stored in the hard disk of your computer. Secondly, you do not have to worry about disposing off old magazines, just press 'delete'. You also save trees from getting chopped down to make your favorite magazine, and you need have no worries about the old magazines getting infested with bugs either. The only fun you may miss out is that you cannot curl up in bed with your laptop or desktop. But that invention, too, might not be too far off.

So, go ahead, surf the net. There are many sites which offer free magazines and many other sites which can provide you monthly e-magazines. Keep your credit card ready and start reading your favorite magazine online.

Sport Magazine - How To Choose Your Ideal Ones

There is a very simple initial question of what you would want to see or to read in our favourite sport magazine. No matter what kind of sport that you love. I believe that most of people have at least one favourite sport magazine, which depends on what type of sport that they love. But wait for a second! Let's think about the time that you are reading those sport magazine and tell me if you have some kinds of this question:

1) Do you think that magazine has to much advertisement?

2) Do you think some section on that magazine is totally a wasted, for example a big poster of famous players, which will be normally taken to posted on the wall?

Or 3) Do you think that the sport magazine that you are reading is too expensive!!

This is a kind of questions that I have when reading or have to buy sport magazines and this is the reason why I write this article as I can see that there might be some other people who has the same problem. So now here are the guidelines on how to choose your sport magazine from my opinion and I hope that they will be useful for some of you who looking for an ideal ones.

Find your favourite section.

Many time that I bought a whole sport magazine just because of I love to read only one section. It is unnecessary that when you decide to buy a sort magazine and you have to love entire of the magazine. And that's is enough for them to be your ideal sport magazine. For example I have a football magazine called "Star Soccer" which I love to read only one section in them, which written by my favourite writer and I keep continue to buy it over and over. So let's find your most favourite in the magazine, which you think that they have some thing that worth your money.

Be on your own, not depends on other.

What I am talking about is do not buy any of sport magazine just be cause your friends bought it. There might be some case that you buy the magazine because of your friend and you do not want to out of trend. This is really a mistake! You have to find your own style and find out what kind of sport that you love to play and a good sport magazine. Buy a magazine, which you really have no idea what they have inside is a big mistake and waste of your time and money

Affordable price

This is really hard to explain about why you have to choose magazine that has reasonable price. This is because usually one person will have at least two sport magazines of which they will be available on monthly basis. This means you have fix cost for those magazines which you have to buy every month and this cost a lot of money. So ca you imagine about how much you have to spend if you have more than two magazines to buy each month. I am suggest this on behalf of a person who are not rich and just want to buy something that really worth value of money, so please make some calculations before decide to choose your favourite sport magazine

Women's Health Big Book of Exercises Review

The Women's Health Big Book of Exercises is presented as an ultimate go-to resource for women looking to get in shape. Inside you will find 619 exercises, 100 core exercises, 74 biceps, triceps, and arm exercises, 64 different ways to work your chest, 103 different back exercises, 40 shoulder exercises, and 167 exercises for your legs and butt.

The question is - volume of content aside, is this book useful, easy to understand, easy to navigate, and just all around worth your time?

Here is a summary of what you will find inside -

Chapter 1 discusses the myriad of reasons women should lift weights. Topics covered include why weight lifting burns more calories and fat, how weight lifting improves one's health, and reasons weight lifting may improve your mood and how you feel about yourself. Many readers are likely to be familiar with some of the benefits of weight lifting, but not all, and many may learn for the first time the actual reasons behind many of the benefits.

Chapter 2 covers all the basics of lifting. In my opinion, this section goes beyond the basics. Many experts, books, and magazines are happy to tell you WHAT to do, but seldom do they explain WHY. This is a great section for anyone who is getting to the point where they want to know how to put together their own weight lifting or fitness training program. If you want to know how, how much, and how frequently to lift for muscle gains - it tells you. If you want to lift to burn fat instead, you learn exactly how many reps, how often, how much weight, and how quickly you should be lifting.

Chapter 3 - The World's Simplest 4 week diet. This chapter covers a simple nutrition plan to ensure fat loss. While many people like to make losing fat complicated, the process is as simple (or as hard) as eating fewer calories than you burn on a daily basis. The diet plan suggested in the Women's Health Big Book of Exercises is simply a higher protein, vegetable, and healthy fat program that suggests avoiding high calorie processed foods and any food high in carbohydrates (like bread, pasta, grains, and simple sugars.) Simply avoiding foods high in calories, like pasta and candy, can be enough to allow most people to eat fewer calories while eating the same volume of food. This makes it easier to eat less and still feel satisfied.

Chapters 4-10 cover specific body parts and how to train every major muscle group in that area effectively. Every chapter opens with the benefits of training the particular muscles discussed, The roles of every muscle are explained, the pictures are detailed (really really nice anatomical illustrations), and the exercises are photographed very nicely in full color.

Here is an example of how each chapter is structured -

First by major muscle group. The Chapter on the muscles of the back is divided into the exercised that work the upper back and the lats. Within each muscle section, exercises are further divided into major muscle movements - so in the section on the lats, you will find it divided into chinups/pullups, pulldowns and pullovers. The coverage given to training muscles on use - meaning the full range of motions - rather than just appearance is a significant improvement on most weight lifting books, and reflects the current trend in fitness towards "functional training.

Within each section on the major type of muscle motion you will find certain exercises are marked as "main movements" - these are the key exercises to master for that particular body part. Each "main movement" is then broken down into 10 or more variations (ways to make each exercise harder, easier, user different equipment, etc.)

Main exercises are those that are the most effective and useful at working a specific body part and specific way. This is a very useful feature. Too often people doing exercises that just repeat each other (overworking their muscles) or less effective exercises that don't really target the group they want to improve. This should solve that problem.

Additionally, there are also exercises highlighted as "the best exercise for x that you are NOT doing" - This is also a great feature. Sometimes the most commonly done exercises are NOT necessarily the most effective or safe. This feature instead points out less commonly used, but highly effective exercises.

At the end of each section you will also find the best stretch for each muscle listed.

At the end of every chapter you will find one or two specially designed programs that you can do just to improve that specific body part.

Chapter 11 covers Total Body Exercises. This chapter tells you how to take any major exercise and make it full body - working arms, legs, and core all at the same time. A good example would be a squat with shoulder press. There are about 14 exercises listed in this chapter.

Chapter 12 covers Warm up exercises. This is very comprehensive and there is a section at the end of the chapter to tell you how to "create your own warm up" by selecting exercises from specific categories.

Chapter 13 has the "best workouts for" programs. There are a lot of different programs listed. How to Get Back Into Shape, How to Lose the Last 10lbs, How to Fit into Your Skinny Jeans, How to Look Great in a Bikini, How to Look Great in Your Wedding Dress, etc etc. One of the greatest features of these programs is that each averages 12 weeks in length instead of the far more typical 30 day workout. Thirty days is simply not long enough for most people to see significant improvements. Each workout is then divided into 3 or 4 week phases. Each phase has a workout A, B, and sometimes C, which then the reader would want to alternate between each week. Essentially each workout program comes with six to 9 workouts.

Chapter 14 covers the best cardio workouts. This section is very basic as the focus of the book is primarily on weight lifting. However, one topic covered in this chapter is that of "finishers" which are brief, high intensity, cardio routines done with weights or body weight exercises after one's main workout in order to burn additional body fat and calories. This is a topic not covered in other books and may be of interest to intermediate to advanced readers

Who this book is for:

This is a great book to keep on hand as a reference. The intended reader level for "The Big Book of Exercises" is somewhere between highly motivated beginner and intermediate level. Anyone who is getting to the point where they want to start designing their own programs, working specific muscle groups every thoroughly, looking for new exercises, and anyone asking "Am I working x the best way possible?" etc would be very pleased with this book.

Is this book good for beginners? Yes and no. The teaching style of the book is excellent. Many readers will likely be able to learn just from reading and looking at the pictures how to correctly do an exercise. However, many beginners could be too overwhelmed by the choices inside. While the provided workouts are meant to provide simplicity, but a beginner may be better off with a book that focused on a high quality 3 month routine with each workout laid out month by month, chapter by chapter. Then, this book would function well as a reference on how to do specific exercises in your program, or modify a movement because it is too hard, or one does not have the exact equipment prescribed in one's main workout book.

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What's So Amazing About The Better Homes And Gardens Magazine?

Better Homes and Gardens is a great magazine if you are looking for ideas to update your home, cooking recipes, or even gardening. The articles are well written and you have new, breathtaking ideas every month. Better Homes and Gardens magazine takes care of your inspirational thoughts from the inside of your home going out.

There is never a dull article and you will always get the 411 on new products that will help benefit you, your family, or the inside or outside of your home. Maybe not all articles in one magazine will benefit all readers, but at least one article in every magazine will benefit a reader. Plus, even if an article doesn't benefit you; you may find it can benefit your mother, sister, friend, or even neighbor. Everyone is always looking for fresh ideas to update their home, garden, even cooking.

What to expect from this magazine?

You can expect from Better Homes and Gardens magazine to get the "know how" on how to perform certain projects. You will see ideas that will compliment your home very nicely and great recipes for dinner parties. You will find that you can have your home a little more organized if it is currently unorganized or see modern décor to bring out your current scenery. You will read about exquisite plants that do well in your region and information on planting them.

Plus, you will read on about the different plants that go well together and you are given pictures to help stimulate your ideas. They will also write articles on how to protect your skin during all seasons and give you recommendations. They compare products and give you the outcome on which product did best, so you don't have to waste money finding out for yourself. They offer beauty tips and health tips that have been tried, tested, and loved by others.

Why I Recommend It to everybody?

I recommend Better Homes and Gardens magazine because every month they have fresh ideas. People are constantly updating their home, whether they are moving around their furniture, painting their walls, or completely renovating their home, this magazine gives the ideas and new products that will give their home a look they will not only love, but guest will also compliment them on.

You can also get yourself the Better Homes & Gardens Landscaping Software. It is a extra software developed by Better Homes & Gardens to help you even more in your gardening needs.

When you want to landscape your yard, you typically hire someone to come out and give you a quote. However, what if you could do it all yourself with Better Homes & Gardens landscaping software? You're probably thinking that you don't have the artistic ability, or the know how to landscape your yard yourself. However, with Better Homes & Gardens landscaping software, you don't need to be artistically inclined, nor do you need any knowledge of how to landscape a house or yard. All you need is a computer, a mouse, and a little time and a lot of imagination. With Better Homes & Gardens landscaping software, the sky's the limit as far as what you can create, not to mention it's a lot of fun to create the yard you want.

User Friendly

Better Homes & Gardens landscaping software is very user friendly, which means you'll be creating the moment you load the software onto your computer. You merely tell the software what kind of dimensions you're working with and then you can play around with the options available by the software program. For instance, with the click of a mouse, you can add a bush here, a rose garden there, or you can even put in a little man made pond, the choices are all up to you. Playing with the different options available is all part of the fun. Of course, the best part is when your vision is actually realized and when you finally get the yard you've always wanted.

If you like landscaping, or if you'd like to try your hand at it, pick up Better Homes & Gardens landscaping software today and finally get that yard you've always dreamed of. Even if you've never picked up a shovel before in your life, using the software is easy and fun and you just might find a skill you never knew you had before.

Organic Gardening Magazine - 3 Aspects Of Organic Gardening Magazine!

The Organic Gardening magazine covers three aspects--

(1) History:

The year, 1930, saw the launch of a company called Rodale Inc. The company has been achieving milestone after milestone over the years, to become the largest publisher of any printed matter related to health and fitness today!

During the 1940s, J. I. Rodale realized that organic gardening was related to health too, and decided to create public awareness through a magazine titled "Organic Farming and Gardening". The first publication to be launched by the Rodale Press was in 1942.

Robert D. Rodale (son of J. I. Rodale) took charge of the magazine after his father's death in 1971. When the son was killed in a road accident in 1990, J. I. Rodale's daughter (Maria) was appointed as the leader of the company. The title of the magazine was changed by Maria. It is now known as Organic Gardening magazine.

Even today, this magazine enjoys maximum popularity as compared to other magazines devoted to organic gardening! The magazine is brought out as a bi-monthly, and the annual subscription is 25 dollars.

Publication of the Organic Gardening magazine is not confined to the US only; it is published in UK too. Here, the magazine is available as a monthly issue and the cover price is £ 2.65.

There is no other magazine devoted to organic gardens in the UK, except this one. Ask, and you will find the information in this publication--guides dedicated to in-depth knowledge about growth of plants, education about every aspect of gardening, research studies and views and reviews. The advice presented is practical in nature.

Following the latest trends, a site on organic gardens has also been set up. It is named Organicgardening.com. The web site is actually an online magazine on Organic Gardening that displays message boards, articles, clippings and slide shows for gardeners.

(2) The Organic Gardening magazine believes that organic gardening should be a fun activity even if the techniques used are not the same as those used in conventional gardens. Unlike normal gardens that believe in the use of synthetic materials, these gardens propagate the usage of organic materials (natural resources). Whatever is published is authentic and the latest in information.

(3) Delving inside the Organic Gardening magazine itself, each issue deals with varied topics--how to increase the area of the garden, new hybrid varieties of vegetables, ornamental plants and helping plants to survive in unusual locations and climates.

Advice is presented only after a thorough research has been conducted. It could be related to soil preparations, landscaping, wildlife gardening and a myriad other things. The bottom line is that all information is very timely!

There are interestingly titled features too--Organic Gardening Solutions, The Bird Friendly Back Yard, Compost Corner and Dig In, etc. Readers state that they can find "cool stuff to use, views and news" here! A section titled "Organic Watchdog" harps on policies put forth by the government. Political opinions are also expressed here! At least 4 to 5 articles will do per season.